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Here we have the book Jesus and Muhammad (Muhammad and Jesus in Arabic) available for free download in various languages. Just click on a book to download it.

Born in Egypt, Mark Gabriel (not his original name) was raised as a fundamentalist Muslim. By the age of twelve he had memorized the whole Quran, and after finishing school he went on to earn his doctorate in Islamic History at Al Azhar University in Cairo, the most prestigious Islamic university and the world's leading authority on correct Muslim doctrine. He later became a professor of Islamic History at Al Azhar, but while teaching there he inwardly began to question Islam. Through miraculous experiences, he ended up becoming a Christian, and had to flee Egypt for his life. Eventually coming to the United States, he has since written several books on Islam, including Jesus and Muhammad. In this fascinating and very readable book, Mark Gabriel lays out the life, history, and messages of both Jesus and Muhammad side by side. Written by someone who is an authority on Islam and a former Muslim imam, it is a powerful book for both Muslims and non-Muslims to read. Just click on a book icon to download.

If you would like to read Jesus and Muhammad in English, you can order it online from at this link or in Europe from at this link.


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Jesus & Muhammad

 Jesus and MuhammadMuhammad and Jesus

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